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Finish Your Diploma

Finish Your Diploma

Program Description
An individual study plan and schedule towards completing a High School Diploma will be established for each student.
Students earn credit based on competency – that is, on work satisfactorily completed at 80% accuracy or better, not on seat time. This method often makes it possible for students to earn credits in less time than it would take in a traditional classroom program. Students work individually on each subject area. The majority of the communication will be one-on-one with the teacher, not lecture style.
Placement Process
Any person 18 years of age or older may enroll.  
All students wanting to work toward their High School Diploma, GED, HiSET or ABE/Skills Review will first attend orientation. Orientation provides an overview of the opportunities provided by the school. Students also complete an evaluation pre-test in English and math.  Following orientation each student will arrange to meet with an advisor to discuss goals and placement in a class. Our classes are free!
Orientation is offered bi-weekly as follows by appointment only:
  • Monday            9:00 a.m.          Room 7/8 computer lab 
  • Wednesday      5:00 p.m.          Room 7/8 computer lab
Prior to coming to Orientation you must self-screen for symptons at home.
Each student will begin work toward completing his/her High School Diploma based on previously completed credits and assessment scores.
Do you study better on your own?
Are you unable to attend a regularly scheduled class?
Adult Independent Study may be right for you!

For further information about requirements and eligibility for Adult Independent Study, call 530-662-0798.
Exit Criteria
Time to completion will vary widely for each student. The schedule and format for instruction can be customized according to the needs of each student. The High School Diploma program meets the state and local requirements for a High School Diploma by requiring the following credits: English (40), math (20), algebra (10), life science (10), physical science (10), world history (10), U.S. history (10), government (5), economics (5), fine arts or foreign language (10) and elective (50). 
A student is a high school graduate the day he/she completes the requirements. A graduation ceremony is held once a year in June to celebrate and award diplomas to all students who have completed their requirements in the previous school year.